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The zipper system contains many parameters, each can be manipulated and modified

Prototyping and research process

Working examples from the catalouge

Teeth shape, size, quantity, width and other params can be


The zipper rows can maintain tangency to different surfaces

Zipper row can follow a path or curve

Parametric control using the parametric model

Using the parametric model to fit zippers to different objects, creating a merged design of the designed item with the zipper

Prototyping and research process

Rethinking the conventional zipper

Zipper | RichRach

The zipper has been around for over a hundred years, but when was the last time we stopped and examine it?


RichRach takes a closer look at the zipper's qualities, exploring its mechanism and how it can be manipulated and done differently.

First step was understanding the zipper: how does it work? how it is manufactured? what is the formula that defines it? Can it be described mathematically?

The conventional zipper is linear, flat and symmetrical, However, its not a must.

Moreover, due to the way it's production line is build, it is hard to make modifications and manufacture limited editions or individual pieces.  

I created a catalog of angular, a-symmetrical and circular zippers that are fully functionable and can be modified and customized. Parameterizing the zippers allows control over parameters such as size, ratio, offsets angle and curvature.  The zipper can even fit itself to a surface, Allowing complex structures that can be integrated into the design process in a more organic manner.

Changing the hierarchy between the zipper and its "host" transforms the zipper from a secondary addition that is often overlooked into the center of attention by challenging its shape and mechanical structure.

In addition, using additive manufacturing enables designer to create limited editions that are customized or personalized in according to the design needs.

Awards :

DI-Awards young talent for Cultural innovation

Short listed for Avantex Paris Innovation in fashion

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