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Cross platform game between physical and digital boards

CASTLE (game)

Year: 2017

Collaborate work with Nir Cohen

A physical gaming board with a parallel digital game, aiming to study the relationship between the physical and the digital interactions.

How would the user engagement be effected by interacting with 2 platforms at the same time?


To achieve simultaneous response in the computer game that reflect the changes on the physical board, we came up with a solution using image processing and color detection:


Underneath the board we placed a webcam that follows changes: each color represents a different game piece, for instance, yellow is a tower.

Using OpenCV we read the video frames from the live camera, each frame is translated into a matrix of 8*8 colors that represents the board. when a change occures (two frames in the video do not match) we know by the change what pieced was added or removed.


Experimenting with the technique of 3d printer molds

Pressing metal is usually done using a wooden mold cut with CNC to copy the exact desired shape, in this project I tried to mimic the process using a 3D printed mold, which is easier to create without access to heavy machinery and can be helpful for prototyping.

In this project I conducted a series of experiments testing different shapes for the mold, and different infill structure and density to check for the minimum requirements.

​Interestingly enough, for some metals of even up to 1mm thick, the print managed to bend the metal in different directions and not to break under the pressure of the press machine.

Year: 2016