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Incorporating the pattern in the design according to the air flow.

Single-wing fan

The rotation in the 45 degrees angle, with a circular face to allow smooth looking movement

Two products from the same family: a fan and a heater.

Heater | Cooler design

Designing a set of items for heating and cooling for indoor placement: the fan and the heater and designed as a collection.

Designing the fan I explored the idea of "net free fan" - all fans have wings and a net for protection. In this design I tested a single layer of wings + net, that is still just as functional.

The heater is using a reflector to reflect the heat back to the user, creating a pleasant heat and an interesting look.

Using parametric design for creating the holes in the right area, is a suggestion for the usage of digital manufacturing process for a future mass customized products, enabling many  variation in the production line.

Year : 2015

Academic supervisor : Safi Hefez

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